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Owning a private island estate is the ultimate and exclusive lifestyle of unparalleled wealth, privacy and seclusion. The islands of French Polynesia provide the world’s most beautiful tropical forests, sandy beaches and clear water teeming with sea life found nowhere else in the entire world.  Luxurious or simple accommodations and amenities can include a main house, guest cottages, swimming pools and spas, helipads, airstrips, boat docks or Tahitian, thatched roof bungalows.  

View the southern cross constellation on warm, tropical nights far from overcrowded cities on continents a world away.  If hotel resort vacations are not for you, join the very small club of wealth that make their own private island the only way to get away from it all.

Our services include purchase, planning and development of beautiful, off grid, independent islands in the south Pacific, which include French Polynesia, Fiji and Australia.  In French Polynesia, we can assist in long stay visa.  CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION on how you can own your private island estate, a world away.

Offices in Hawaii and French Polynesia.


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